Founded in 1989, Kensington International helps organizations acquire, assess, develop and transition talent by providing four core groups of services. As a talent management firm, we expertly customize the support we offer in the following areas to address each organization’s needs, expectations and industry sector.

Executive Search

In addition to performing searches, we assist with developing and setting talent strategy and assist with your organization’s ability to attract top talent.

Talent Assessment

Organizational and leadership assessments are embedded within our Executive Search, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Career Transition solutions.

Assessments ensure an objective baseline for evaluating and developing leadership and maximizing performance. Our validated tools and unique diagnostic interviewing methods examine a variety of factors. Most noteworthy, we assess career interests, skills and capabilities, motivators and drivers, and current effectiveness of a team. In addition, Kensington expertly diagnoses organizational culture, executive role requirements, succession planning needs, candidate capabilities, and executive skills and behaviors.

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

We provide assessments, individual and executive coaching, leadership development and executive team development to help you realize a greater return on your investment. Consequently, our unique process improves the leadership effectiveness of budding leaders, established executives and executives new to your organization.

Career Transition

We provide compassionate support for transitioning employees and your organization during major or minor reductions in force. Also, we offer specialized career transition programs for currently employed executives and professionals.

Kensington International is a growing company with three locations in the Chicago area. Because of their impact on an organization’s strategic direction, growth, culture and profit performance, people matter, and our clients share this belief. The organizations we serve range from small- to medium-sized business to Fortune 500 companies. We are a socially responsible company and every member of our team is personally committed to providing value to clients that consistently exceeds expectations.