Career transition is inevitable due to changes in organizational and business strategies, mergers and acquisitions, or simply an employee/position mismatch. Whatever the cause, Kensington partners with companies to provide professional advice, counsel and support.

Our methods reduce the stress during the transition process. Our belief in “finding what works” is central to our reputation for excellence in outplacement and career transition services. We combine innovative and proven approaches to help transitioning individuals find their way. Our reputation for caring applies not only to the individuals we coach as they depart your company, but also to every executive and manager with whom we work to plan and implement reduction-in-force events.

Quality Services

Our quality leads the career transition industry. We use a rigorous quality review process that includes multiple surveys and feedback points with your company and with individual program participants. The senior management team and assigned coach review every quality survey.

Local Efforts, Global Team

As part of Career Partners International (CPI) we are one of the leading global outplacement and career transition firms. As a result, we have helped millions of people transition to new roles, new careers and amazing new life directions. From large-scale reductions-in-force to individual executive and employee transitions, our experience is unmatched. One call to Kensington is all that it takes for our clients to engage services for transitioning employees worldwide. Because of our trained and experienced client services team and our proprietary Momentum™ candidate management and reporting system, we can quickly and effectively assign coaches and deliver our programs globally. Furthermore, we use technology-enabled and virtual programs to deliver superior career transition support to remote areas.

Our Coaches

Kensington’s coach-led programs differentiate our career transition services from those provided by other companies, particularly at the executive level. Our coaches have an impressive blend of professional coaching expertise and personal experience including demonstrated success in traditional business roles. As a result, they are fully knowledgeable on current business trends and practices, and have proven success in guiding others through career growth, change and transition. In addition, all of our coaches go through a rigorous certification process that includes mentoring and testing.

Career Transition Programs

Senior Executive Support Designed to support the unique requirements of top corporate leaders, senior executives and officers. Executives work with our most senior coaches and services are customized to their individual requirements. This can include a personalized advisory board, technology tools, networking, individualized training and administrative resources. These programs range in length from 6 months through 2 years.
Individual Support Designed for executives, managers and professional-level employees. These programs offer anywhere between several hours and up to 6 months of career transition coaching with a full range of resources including workshops, technology tools and networking.
Group Transition Workshops Delivered in one, two or three-day formats, group workshops teach critical job search skills, customized to the group’s special interests. We combine these workshops with additional ongoing support services and extended technology tools access.

Our change management workshops have proven to be particularly effective in equipping executives, management teams and employees with the skills needed to address change issues resulting from mergers, acquisitions, staff reductions and other major business realignments.

Large Group Reduction Support We are experts in the design and support of large reduction in force events. Because of this, services are custom-designed to each situation and to the levels of impacted employees. Our programs provide comprehensive support, guidance and materials in order to help affected individuals reach successful and timely reemployment.
Working Partner Relocation Programs Dual career families often affect a company’s ability to relocate or recruit employees. This program provides the relocating partner job search support services such as high impact resume development, job market research, marketing assistance, and, most notably, ongoing individual coaching.
Career/Life Options When executives and key employees are faced with career crossroads, they may need expert guidance. Our coaches use specialized assessments to help define options and assist with career/life decisions and communications.

Our New Horizons program is a perfect choice for executives and employees at all levels who are considering life/career options such as retirement.  Resources and support are also available for more flexible employment options including entrepreneurial ventures, business start-ups or franchises.


Our Career Transition Portal and embedded technology can stand alone as an entirely virtual program and also fully supports the work of our coaches. We deliver our career interests assessments, resume development, company research tools, and proprietary live and recorded training sessions in a contemporary and compelling fashion by:

  • PowerMyResume – an easy-to-use, flexible platform to help participants construct the perfect resume or CV. Our Resume and CV Creator helps people put their best foot forward by constructing a remarkable resume or CV that encompasses their professional selves.
  • PowerMyJobSearch – an indispensable job search tool that ensures participants’ resume or CV gets past resume filters. Our resume optimization tool maximizes the chances of landing an interview by factoring in key words that companies search for most often in the job search process.
  • PowerMyLearning – an interactive, engaging, and collaborative tool transforms learning with a real-time, virtual classroom. Our virtual learning platform combines innovative technology with the connectivity of an in-person classroom experience.
  • PowerMyInterview – an interactive video-conferencing tool that prepares participants for real world interviewing with the help of professional career coaches. Our online interviewing tool offers in-depth feedback and development to help people master interviewing skills.


Our clients span nearly every industry sector and include many of the Fortune 500, public and private companies of all sizes, and private equity-backed enterprises. Whether your outplacement needs involve separating one employee at one location or thousands of employees at many locations, Kensington delivers exceptional results. Our focus on the client is our number one priority and, as a result, we have hundreds of long-standing client relationships. When it comes to our reputation, we believe our clients say it best.