Industry & Functional Practices

Recruiting, assessing and selecting high impact and “move the needle” senior leadership talent is challenging – irrespective of industry or sector. The combined experience of our consultants and staff, our unmatched research and networking capabilities, and an overarching commitment to invest the time, energy and effort to attract the best candidates, not simply the best available candidates, is what sets us apart from our peers in the industry. With decades of combined experience and thousands of engagements under our belt, Kensington International and our consultants have exceptional access to high-impact senior leadership talent in the following industries/sectors:

Board Director Services
Construction & Infrastructure
Consumer & Retail
Financial Services
Healthcare Services
Industrial & Manufacturing
Private Equity

Other Industries

Kensington International employs a highly refined search process coupled with extensive relationships across all functions. As a result, we regularly execute engagements outside of established sectors by combining our process abilities, networking skills and relationships. Furthermore, direct and targeted research secures the best talent for our clients.