Talent needs for Board Directors is an emerging and fast-growing part of Kensington’s search services. Our Board Services team has a combination of 50 years of executive search background, including 10+ years completing multiple Board searches and related advisory projects for a variety of public, private, and family-owned clients.  Over half of these projects have been for private equity and family businesses.

Industry exposure includes consumer goods, industrial, energy, construction, financial services, healthcare and the oil and gas sectors.  Our knowledge of the talent pool includes CEOs, career Board Directors, Group Presidents, and other C-Suite executives. We have learned that it is important for clients to be aware of active CEOs who have the time and interest to be on another Board. The average number of Board seats of active CEOs is 2.7 based upon a recent study versus 4.8 ten years ago.  Thus, there is a growing need to help identify and attract the future CEOs, diversity profiles, and other functional office stars that are currently in roles reporting to the CEO. Cultural fit and leadership style are equally important, if not sometimes more than professional experience given the need to have a cohesive Board.

We conduct early stage candidate referencing and face to face candidate interviews/assessments which significantly increase the success of the Board placement.

We also limit the number of active assignment commitments to ensure ample time to execute in the highest degree of quality client service. Our limited client company blocks and minimal candidate off-limits significantly expand our available talent pool and increase success.

For Board projects, Kensington charges reasonable and competitive flat fees which are partially based upon size and ownership structure. Representative examples of placements and the Boards on which they currently serve or formerly served: