Kensington leadership development capabilities demonstrate depth and experience. We partner with clients to improve the leadership effectiveness of high potential leaders, established executives and executives new to a role or organization.

Services include: leadership development programs, individual executive coaching, executive team development, culture change and sales effectiveness programs. We prepare leaders for future challenges, addressing gaps in current tool-kits or helping a leader become more effective by harness their strengths.  As a result, we grow leadership capabilities.


We have a large and diverse staff of executive coaches. Our coaches have an impressive blend of executive coaching expertise combined with successful executive-level career experience. They are former CEOs, General Managers with P&L accountability, HR executives, attorneys and psychologists. With deep expertise from manufacturing to professional services to managing global teams, our coaches can relate to the business challenges leaders face today. All of our coaches go through a certification process that includes training and mentoring. As a result, consistent tools, processes and methods ensure our clients high quality outcomes.

Customization and Quality Are Our Cornerstones

Kensington has all of the leadership development building blocks required for success, but every assignment is unique. Therefore, we are experts at custom-designing programs that often include incorporating pre-existing or client-developed work. Quality to us means results. We use a rigorous quality review process that includes surveys and feedback points with each client and individual leader.

Leadership Development Programs

Individual Executive Coaching Our coaching process was designed to help companies and their leaders maximize business performance by developing leadership skills that are matched to the changing needs of the organization, role and situation. As a result, our focus is on developing leadership skills required to improve business results. In addition, coaching can be focused on high potential development, focused areas of opportunity, on-boarding, performance turn-around and conflict resolution.
Team Development Matrixed teams, functional teams and project teams will make quicker and more effective decisions and produce higher quality results by understanding a powerful team model. Especially relevant, our process guides them through the team model and assesses areas of attention required for the team to optimally operate together.
Succession Planning As experts in assessment, we can assess key talent and examine succession readiness and developmental gaps. Our process helps leadership teams to objectively review, share and agree on the talent identified as successors in critical roles. Most often our work leads to specific development needs to ensure leaders are ready when needed.
CEO Succession, Assessment and Transition Our experience includes working with Board of Directors to examine the experience and capabilities of internal and external candidates in order to facilitate an objective CEO selection decision. We specialize in more complex situations such as the retirement or transition of a company founder, investor or owner. In addition to helping with all related communications, our CEO onboarding process can increase the probability of success of the selected candidate.
Leadership Development Curriculum Customized curriculum in core leadership education areas can stand alone but is also embedded into our executive coaching and leadership development processes. These programs introduce concepts that are immediately actionable and link to specific goals and objectives in identified development areas.