What I like most about working with Kensington is their sense of partnership and responsiveness to our needs and requirements. The services they deliver are always of exceptional quality, customized to our needs and help protect our employer brand.

Chief Human Resources Officer, Fortune 500 Client

I didn’t realize how valuable Executive Coaching could be to my development. My effectiveness as a leader improved significantly as a result of our work together. Kensington’s coaching raised my confidence and enabled me to learn new ways to approach critical business challenges and opportunities. I found their coaching to be very systematic and thorough. The assessment tools are excellent, the feedback is candid and direct, and most importantly the Coach was invested in my success. As a high potential executive at a leading health system, this investment by the organization is not only appreciated, but has already provided a tangible return on their investment.

Vice President of Information Technology, Fortune 500 Client

The coaches are a great asset for Kensington. They are consummate professionals who listen well, gently challenge you in ways that move you to a new and better position, offer point and counterpoint suggestions on written and verbal approaches, demonstrate they care, etc. They are successful because they truly enjoy mentoring each of us through this stressful transition and they are always there when you need their advice. I would not have succeeded this quickly without their guidance.

Outplacement Candidate

The strategic discussion we had with Kensington was robust, focused, and very effectively facilitated. I continue to be impressed with the quality of Kensington’s staff and outputs. They are professional, organized, intelligent and are results focused.

Director of Human Resources

Everyone that I worked with at Kensington was very knowledgeable and helpful during my job search. I wouldn’t have been as prepared as I am now to continue my job search without the help of the coaches and everyone else at Kensington International. Thank you for all your help and encouragement during a difficult time.

Outplacement Candidate

My experience with Kensington’s firm was a very pleasant one.  Not only did I land a job (which is the whole reason I worked with Kensington), but I also had the opportunity to get to know Mary Jane and Todd, two people who truly care about your future and career goals and who go above and beyond to help.  I didn’t feel like their “client;” I felt like an individual who could openly communicate and share feedback in a judgement free zone.  Mary Jane and Todd are not only supportive, but they connected with me and provided support even though we met virtually, as I am located in a different state.  In general, search firms are “business-like.”  Working in Manhattan I’ve gotten used to such an environment.  However, Kensington’s firm demonstrated to me that you can run a company with professionalism and still treat every person with personal attention.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about Kensington, and it’s not just because of the “happy ending” of finding a job, but because they truly match their talent to the best of their ability.  I will never forget the experience, nor the impact Kensington made on my professional growth!

Director of Clinical Services

As an identified high potential executive at a global manufacturing firm many investments have been made in my development. But it was not until working with my Coach at Kensington that I truly began to understand my strengths and weaknesses and what changes to my approach were important to my advancement as a leader. The assessments and feedback methods as well as the observer dialogue they facilitate were key to the process of helping me understand where I am making positive impact as well as those areas where I was inadvertently inhibiting the organizations effectiveness. I have no doubt that I am a more effective leader as a result of this time well spent.

Global Manufacturing FirmVice President, Quality & Continuous Improvement

I would like to thank you for the way that you have assisted and befriended my mother through such a tumultuous time. She is such the go getter and so essential to the lives of all that know and love her. I think that this is helping her to feel better within that someone is taking time out of their day to help her through this job lay off process. I have hope that she will be back working soon. The company that get’s her will be amazed at the way that she can work circles around her youthful co-workers. Have a nice day.

Daughter of Outplacement Candidate

This program was very educational, especially for individuals who haven’t conducted a job search in this manner. All of the staff, instructors, and facilitators were very professional. They were very knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. I was very impressed with the staff and services that were afforded to me.

Outplacement Candidate

This was, by far, a better experience then a previous outplacement assistance program I had in the past, especially the introduction to online resources.

Outplacement Candidate