I would also like to thank you and Kensington for the support and the knowledge I gained from going through the outplacement process. Kensington has been first class in every regard during my transition.

Outplacement Candidate

My experience with Kensington was outstanding. I am truly grateful to my former employer for purchasing the program for me. I had not had to search for a job in close to 10 years, and the job search process had evolved substantially over that time period. KI helped me get current with the latest techniques in networking, resume preparation and job search strategies. These have been invaluable to me in an extremely competitive job market and I hope to continue to use many of the things I’ve learned, even after I land my next position. Keep up the great work!

Outplacement Candidate

Kensington was instrumental in helping me get my career back on track. They tailored their experience and advice to me and genuinely cared about helping me achieve my objectives. Their follow up and responsiveness were outstanding.

Outplacement Candidate

Kensington has been great to work with as they provide excellent insight and perspective on today’s market and environment. As an experienced businessman I appreciate our weekly discussions and find them to be very productive and efficient. Great combination!

Outplacement Candidate

I’ve had the opportunity to experience the talent and commitment of Kensington from two different perspectives. First, as a client. The level of service and quality I received in placing senior leaders with my former employer was outstanding! More recently my perspective was when I went through transition and received their outplacement services. The experience changed my life quite frankly. By the end of my engagement and thanks to my Kensington coach, I was truly prepared to take on my dream job. That was 3 months ago and today I’m in the field I continue to love (Human Resources) with an amazing organization. Thank you Kensington for an unparallel professional growth experience!

Global Hotel CompanyCorporate Human Resources Director

I just wanted to express my thanks to Kensington for the tremendous support you provided U.S. Cellular during our recent organizational structure changes. I have received great feedback on the service that your team has provided and professionalism by which they have provided it.

Leading Wireless ProviderSenior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

I didn’t realize how valuable Executive Coaching could be to my development. My effectiveness as a leader improved significantly as a result of our work together. Kensington’s coaching raised my confidence and enabled me to learn new ways to approach critical business challenges and opportunities. I found their coaching to be very systematic and thorough. The assessment tools are excellent, the feedback is candid and direct, and most importantly the Coach was invested in my success. As a high potential executive at a leading health system, this investment by the organization is not only appreciated, but has already provided a tangible return on their investment.

Leading Healthcare ProviderVice President of Information Technology

My coach was awesome, fantastic, so very helpful, encouraging, always there for me. It was the greatest experience. I was laid off 3 years ago, and was with a different outplacement company. I didn’t have a ‘coach’/consultant and this time made a huge difference. I can’t say enough about how much she helped me. She was a huge help boosting my confidence. She role played interviews with me which prepared me better. She helped with next steps, with a ‘fishing’ letter, and so much more. I hope all the consultants are as wonderful and helpful as her!

I came to Kensington with little confidence based on my previous experience with other companies as well as my mistrust I had for my former employer. That misconception was turned around by my coach who proved a great source of information and a morale-booster immediately. She helped me re-do my resume, improve my searches and gave precious advice in real-life situations I encountered with un-cooperating recruiters.

Everyone I had contact with at Kensington could not have been more professional and empathetic to those of us who are without jobs. They genuinely care about us professionally and personally. It really appears to be more than just a job for them.